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12 April 2012


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Please don't tell me what I have the foggiest idea about BillB.The caborn tax is a flat tax. If compensation is removed or cut back, the caborn tax is also highly regressive. It's indeed the type of tax Steve Forbes or some such would advocate.If you need to believe you are saving the world to justify this tax, good luck you. You know how best to live with yourself. However, don't claim it's some sort of goodie two shoes socialist tax, when it's clearly nothing of the sort. All the while implying I'm a little slow and I don't understand the subject.

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I think you are correct to a cearitn point. There is a lot of money, within all levels of Government, that is misused. Taxes are too high, and so forth. I feel that some money should be used to help those who CAN'T help themselves. CAN'T, not WON'T. I know that there are lots of people who CAN help themselves but just choose not to because hey the Government will take care of me . Those people need to realize .what happens when the Government that is supporting them is broke? Where is their general sense of responsibility? The honor in being self-reliant and self-motivated to support ones self and family is something I strive for. Those who don't, I see as being lazy and a drain on our society.


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This commercial is pretty funny. Being from Oklahoma in the U.S. against popular belief I do think that a certain amount of regulation is going to be good for the country and it is coming whether people want it to or not.


Hey Hannity I don't understand why you are so juleoas of Obama. You call him every name in the book and if the law will allow you to say more you will. You need to learn from your body Michael Savage he is facing a big lawsuit because of his big mouth. There is a law in this country so keep your hate and racism inside you, or you are going to face big consequences in the court of law.


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