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11 April 2012


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Murder charge brought in Trayvon Martin case


1. global wiramng happens; so does global cooling. Humans have nothing to do with it; it was happening long before there were people, much less internal combustion engines.3. Yes. Wicca4. 535. James Hansen is a shill for the conspiracy trying to make money and collect power by imposing carbon taxes on the industrialized nations. Their goal is to get rich while impoverishing those currently comfortable and making it impossible for the Third World to ever improve itself. Fortunately, Climategate exposed their filthy game.PS: carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant. You exhale it and plants use it to grow: it's good for them.


The facts supporting it are rellay just overwhelming. Dont look at it short-term, it will only look like a regular pattern then. If you look long term, you will see a sharp increase compared to other heating cycles.Its basically a heating cycle intensified by co2


Thanks for finally talking about >Former NASA Scientists, Directors, Astronauts Send Letter Stating Climate Science Is Not Settled - Stop Gillard's Carbon Tax


Complicated indeed. We've coittmmed ourselves to this space station and if we pull out before it's done we'll have egg on our face and tick off the other nations involved in it. As an aside, do you suppose NASA folks refer to their salad days at the Tang days ?

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Given the length of time it will take to treavl to Mars (not to mention the fact that they envision the station being in constant transit between the Earth and Mars), even a small rotational effect would add up quickly, and they would have to waste fuel correcting for it. If adding a second wheel would be too expensive, at least include a counter-rotating weight.

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As a UCF school of bssenius alum, I'm on team students. The professor claimed he wrote his own questions. Even if you had full knowledge that you had the publisher's test bank, you are more likely to view this as part of a study guide rather than a cheat sheet. Fraternities having been doing way worse with their own test banks for decades. Just write a new, relevant exam every year, and the problem is solved.The professor slipped in little white lie by saying he wrote the questions, and the students called his bluff. It's 2010, shouldn't we expect our bssenius students to be able to conduct a simple google search and network with their groups while gathering any sort of information?I think this highlights the need for innovation in online standardized education as a whole. On a black and white ethical note, I've know people who have taken entire courses online for other individual's credit. It's a shame UCF is taking the fall on this one, because we are years ahead of most other state colleges in progressing this evolving medium of education, but obviously there is a long way to go.


Wow! Handmade in America! Not only made in America, but handmade in America. Diane pslaee come and film Bisbee, Arizona for your nightly news series. You will love it. We are a town of artisans and craftspeople, who work in metal, glassblowing, sculpting, painting, pottery, dress designing (fabric arts). The 100 years of mining history here where 20,000 people lived in the old west provides historic buildings for those of us making things by hand in America. There is a new brewery in town run by Dale & Vick. 20 or more of the unique pieces off architecture have been restored for marvelous bed and breakfasts. The eateries around town include authentic mexican, vegan, and again more 100 year old settings to look up and marvel at the old ceilings.


I am tired of this horrible gillard manipulating
And lying to the public i have never hated
Any one like i hate her and the greens bs
Pray to god they get rid off her


Wow, we're here, the point at which politicians are expteecd to Conform, to public opinion, votes, right? Represent the people or get ousted amigo! I saw this one coming a mile away. The real excitment today is that WE, The PEOPLE, are in more control than ever. As a people we have been labled the Online Crowd. Yes and we vote to change the marijuana laws now. More States will soon follow, for the sake of saving lives with hemp medicinal products, I hope Tennessee Officials are taking notes on these new State approved MJ programs.


Damn!!! Where were these fucked up Aussie bitches,
when I? was in Australia!?!? . The things I`d do to em


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